Data we store

Account data

When you create an account, we ask you for the following data:

  • Email address
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • A secure password

How we use this data

We use your email address and password combination in order to log you in to the app.

We use your email address to send you password reset instructions when you ask for them.

Your firstname and lastname is used to greet you when you login and be able to talk to you in a more personal manner.

Your email address is used to contact you about courses you signed up for and to inform you about new courses.

We use email marketing software to send you newsletters. Your email address lives in that email marketing software and is removed when you remove your account.

You are able to op-out of any communication by clicking the unsubscribe link in our emails. You will be unsubscribed permanently from our email list and will not receive notifications about new courses in the future.

You can change this data at any point in time by going to your profile settings in the app.


We may store cookies to help you navigate our app without having to log in every time. When you logout, we will remove these authentication cookies.

Your rights

Right to be forgotten

If you want to remove all of your data at any point in time, you can do so yourself by removing your account via your profile page. Removing your account will immediately and permanently remove all your account data and other data we store about you.

Right of data portability

If you want to see what data we store about you, you can download a copy by navigating to your user profile page inside the app. There you have the option to export all of your data.